An Overlooked Generation Emerged

It’s quite easy to jump on the bandwagon and put all the blames on a famous generation called The Millennials. However, like anything else, playing the blame-game is actually a form of oversimplification. And like any act of oversimplification that has been done with persistence, it makes people look away from other certain facts – at this point, I would refrain from using the word ‘problem’. Let’s just call them facts, like I just did. And when you have collectively managed to look away from certain facts enough number of times over a long enough period of time, addressing those ‘facts’ becomes increasingly difficult. No one wants to stop riding the bandwagon because being on it is the comfortable way out. We all know what follows. Reality that needs to be taken care of, if stubbornly ignored, soon becomes the central cause for great problems.

And this note is about just that. The overlooked generation. It’s not the Millennials! It’s made up of the one that comes after. Let’s start.


It’s a good thing that the Millennials do not include people who were born after 1999! How can you compare the attitude era in WWE, sober but magical music and lyrics, TV series that could be watched with your entire family, United’s class of 90, David Beckham, or the other thousands of great things with what we have now? You simply can’t. Most importantly, what do we actually have now? This generation does not even stick to one thing for more than 3 days!

Therefore, it is safe to say that the decayed generation itself is not the reason for becoming what they have become. Because, the things that we have given them to grow up with were not invented or created by them. They are simply the victim here. Bad parenting over the last two generations also can be pointed out to be a big reason for this to happen. Children are not made up of anything but what they have been taught by their parents. No one in this world can teach your children or inspire your own child like you can. They thrive for your appreciation. They constantly try to be like you. And sometimes, when you show them enough bad things, they maybe will decide to become the exact opposite of you. Both of those outcomes are bad, because they are extreme by nature.


Who is the main culprit? Are you going to put blames on that generation for overlooking them when they were young and needed proper parenting or guidance? Unfortunately, the main culprits are the ones who did not give the Millennials enough freedom and put enough confidence in them like their parents received. As a result, this self-deluding self-concentrating youngsters have emerged who had to give themselves importance. Often times, that became a little too much, completely misdirected. When we see the outcome, we immediately start blaming that generation, conveniently forgetting or ignoring what has been the root cause for all these. As depressing as all of these might sound, mankind has history of turning itself around for the better. That should give us a lot of hope.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and start doing.” Walter Elias Disney

Things haven’t gone out of hand. With mankind, things can go bad indeed, but humans are not like machines that they will go completely out of order and cannot be fixed. Once a part of humanity goes rogue, it can be fixed by focusing on the real problems, and taking calculated measures to make things better. Perhaps very slowly, and most likely one at a time. But things need to start.

How long shall we overlook the problems and keep blaming the generations that are actually the victims?