Industry in Need of QA Thinktanks

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry has flourished in Dhaka. Not so much in other cities in country, but recently some of the Dhaka based companies are expanding their business through their branch offices in North Bengal, Chittagong etc. That is a good sign but Dhaka remains the most important city for ICT and […]

An Overlooked Generation Emerged

It’s quite easy to jump on the bandwagon and put all the blames on a famous generation called The Millennials. However, like anything else, playing the blame-game is actually a form of oversimplification. And like any act of oversimplification that has been done with persistence, it makes people look away from other certain facts – […]

No Respect, No Obedience

No matter how much you love conspiracy theories, I beg you not to assume what message am I about to pass on through this note. Despite the title might sound confusing the first time, I can assure you that I am not saying that we should not respect or obey our bosses, but rather should […]

Your Comfort Zone is Killing Your Potential

Though your sophisticated mind continuously keep telling you that you are about to leave the comfort zone in order to achieve something great (or maybe to ‘make the world a better place’), are you really being able to do that? Trust me, it is a question that is worth asking yourself. You will never regret […]


Equipped with multidimensional industry oriented skills built over 11+ years, I worked with 27 international brands, 13 government organizations, and 3 UN organizations. I have a tender winning rate of an astounding 83% across all categories.

The chart on the right shows Niaz’s tender winning rate in different scenarios.

  • Govt.
  • UN


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