Industry in Need of QA Thinktanks

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry has flourished in Dhaka. Not so much in other cities in country, but recently some of the Dhaka based companies are expanding their business through their branch offices in North Bengal, Chittagong etc. That is a good sign but Dhaka remains the most important city for ICT and therefore, it is crucial that the people of Dhaka who are involved in this industry step up their game by putting enough thoughts in how to make this industry a better one, and therefore, this city a better place. All these years, we have been saying that the private sector has been doing all the good things but the government has not been providing with the platform and the opportunities that they should have. It is simply not true anymore.


Forward-thinking Government Vs. The Evil Corp.

The government has really put their effort to make this industry the most revenue-generating industry of Bangladesh. They are working hard to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, as soon as the government started doing this, the privately held companies started going somewhat backwards, looking for the easy-money-out and depriving the ICT human resources so much so that some of them are even considering leaving the profession and do something else entirely for earning their bread and butter! The software developers, designers, engineers, and other specialists should have been one of the highest paid resources in country but in reality, they are not even making enough to earn a comfortable and decent life while living in Dhaka. There are a few exceptions to this case but we are not supposed to take exceptions as examples in order to relieve the blood-sucking companies from taking responsibility. Dhaka, being the capital of a fast-developing country, has naturally become quite expensive to live in! But the wages of the ICT professionals have not gone even anywhere near to match the average lifestyle.

Depressing it is; and it is easy to put blames on the companies, owners of the corporate households, and sometimes even the regulatory committees set up by the government, the truth is that each and every individual involved with this industry has something to offer for changing this situation. This starts with thinking.

If you do not spend enough time thinking, you cannot come up with a plan. Without a plan, you will eventually end up achieving nothing for yourself or for this industry.


QA Engineers

QA engineers or the quality assurance engineering experts aka SQAs are the reason clients get to bash the project managers and the development vendors less than what they usually would love to. QA professionals make the developers take the bug and errors out of the system. It is essentially impossible for the developers to write code and get everything right the first time. Even after a few iteration, it is never a good idea to let the developers police their own codes for bugs or errors because they are not qualified to do that. Testing the system is a whole different ball-game compared to actually developing the system. It is always best to leave the tasks to the experts and therefore, unlike many software development companies, most of the good companies make sure that they have quality assurance experts among them to save the day.


Much-needed Revolution in QA

As important and mission-critical as the presence of the QA engineers is in this evolving industry, these selfless professionals hardly see any appreciation from it. And that is exactly why these often-unsung heroes should be putting substantial amount of thoughts in to figure out how to help the company using their expertise more, and probably getting the industry a few steps ahead in the process!

  1. Improve the basics/essentials: This necessarily means going back to basics. You cannot improve something unless you take a look back at it. Going back to basics is particularly important for the QA professionals because they often tend to fall into a vicious cycle of doing the same thing and finding out a particular category of bugs again and again. That process eventually makes them skill-paralyzed when put in a different environment or with a different team. Therefore, keeping yourself compatible with the bigger picture is important.
  2. Consider Quality Assurance a Sub-Industry: When you think that you are only a small part of the bigger picture, you essentially remove the possibilities of expanding that particular field of study. Quality Assurance involves so many complex tasks, processes, methodologies, specialized tools and technologies that it has become a genre of its own. Therefore, it is important that you think big as a SQA, and consider quality assurance as a separate and independent sub-industry within the ICT industry.
  3. Offer QA Consultancy: In order for many different people to put trust in your expertise and skills as a QA Engineer, offering consultancy services to different projects is highly recommended. But before you do that, make sure that you know what are you going to offer. Your skills should be sharp enough to be effective in that project that you are offering yourself to. By doing this, you get to sharpen your skills even more, get more people to know about you and your QA expertise, which eventually will help you to grow your network should you ever try to run your own business.
  4. Aim at Establishing a QA Consultancy Firm: This should be your ultimate goal. You may fail more than once. But failure is truly the pillar of success, at least when it comes to establishing a business or a company. The only way that the QA engineers can make sure that their skills and expertise are going to be valued as they should be, and they would be able to control the QA market as they should is through providing the services not as an individual, but as a company or a consultancy firm.

Building companies specialized in QA will shift the approach of the industry towards quality assurance altogether.

You want to stop companies to hire QA engineers and treat them like trash? You want the QA engineers to be paid as much as they deserve? You want to see an end to the injustice that has been part of the culture? Start thinking now! Not tomorrow, start today! Improve your game and establish a QA service providing company that will be an example and inspiration for many more to come.